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Personal Financial Wellness Scale™ is now available in 7 languages

The PFW Scale™ is an eight item survey, which is a reliable measurement of perceived financial distress/financial well-being. It provides the user with a score, which has been scientifically determined to be a valid and reliable measure of one’s perceived personal financial wellness, as well as measure for employees learning progress during the financial literacy

Financial Literacy Services and Training Programs

The Center on Business and Poverty has a separate non-profit called the Personal Finance Employee Education Fund (PFEEF), which focuses on assisting people as they take ownership of their financial well-being. Click above for more on PFEEF.

As part of accomplishing this mission, PFEEF recently won a $970,000 grant to help deliver proven

The Inexorable Logic of Financial Literacy

The future of humanity is irrevocably tied to empowered individuals capable of discharging their obligations and responsibilities. Literacy was a key enabler in our collective civilizational advance. In a similar vein, the evolving context is placing big financial burdens on individuals, demanding an enhanced level of financial ability.

Should we continue to trudge in a cloak of

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