An interview with Dr. Shalini Sharma, Founder and CEO, Sanshodhan An E-Waste Exchange, and founding Director of the Global Institute for Circular Economy and Sustainable Development Goals (ICE&SDGs)

John Hoffmire: You are the founder of Sanshodhan An E-Waste Exchange, an emerging company working for e-waste management and the development of zero waste businesses and organizations. You also founded Global Institute for Circular Economy and Sustainable Development Goals (ICE&SDGs), the NGO. Tell me how this came about?

Shalini: It goes back to January 2017,

Join This Compassionate Business Leader To Save The Planet Through Innovation

Meet Pamela Ryan, Ph.D., a dual citizen of the US and Australia, a force of nature and a force for good. Reading her comprehensive and beautifully written book Impact Imperative: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Investing to Transform the Future was a wake-up call for me. Pamela’s work is comprehensive, jarring

5 lessons from China on how to drive sustainable growth

Journalists, politicians and regular citizens have spent much time in recent years discussing the ‘Chinese dream’. It’s our vision of China’s journey into the future. I believe the Chinese dream will see us break the link between growing incomes, rising production and degradation of the environment. Our businesses should continue to grow even

Endgame Strategy Recognizes That What Got Us Here Won’t Get Us To Our Goal

Social entrepreneurs can learn from the global effort to fight polio. In the first decade of this century, efforts to vanquish the disease once and for all stalled. With an injection of capital and insight from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Global Polio Eradication Initiative or GPEI launched an “end game strategy”

300 Sustainable Solutions To Turn Global Challenges Into Business Opportunities

The Global Opportunity Explorer connects businesses to cutting-edge ideas for solving the world’s problems—and the big profits that come with those solutions.

For every threat to the planet, there’s an opportunity for a company to step in with solutions. For every risk to humanity, there’s a potential business model and boost to the bottom line.

In the

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