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Businesses Addressing Poverty in India

India is a country with a rich cultural heritage and a fast-growing population and economy. However, it still faces a enormous challenge of poverty. According to the World Bank, in 2018, about 44.8% of India’s population lived below the international poverty line of $1.90 per day.  Those are the most up-to-fate figures since India

Fashion industry’s four largest women’s empowerment programs form new initiative RISE to scale impact

It’s time to take action to support women workers in global supply chains

BSR’s HERproject, Gap Inc., P.A.C.E, CARE and Better Work have come together to form a new initiative called RISE: Reimagining Industry to Support Equality in order to scale impact and accelerate equality for women workers in global garment, footwear and home furnishings supply chains.


How worker ownership builds community wealth and a more just society

A recent help-wanted ad for a laundry worker in Cleveland contained some unusual language, asking prospective candidates: “Have you ever wanted to work for a company that is 90 percent employee-owned? What about a company that offers a program to help you become a homeowner?” The ad went on to identify Evergreen Cooperative Laundry as

The White Helmets

When the earthquake hit Syria on February 6th, the first responders were a group of ordinary women and men: bakers, tailors, pharmacists, salespeople, and engineers, who rushed in to pull people from the rubble. Despite their different trades, they were unified by one distinct feature: they all wore white helmets.

The White

Here’s how 16 social innovators are leading change at Davos

  • Social innovation is needed now more than ever as multiple crises drive inequality further and slow progress on tackling climate change.
  • The Schwab Foundation’s Social Innovators of the Year 2023 includes both business and government leaders, and collective change orchestrators.
  • Through innovative and collaborative approaches, these 16 change

Here’s how we can work together to bridge the digital divide

  • Globally, 2.7 billion people still lack access to the internet.
  • A United Nations International Telecommunication Union (ITU) project has set ambitious targets for getting more people online.
  • To achieve these targets, we need innovative partnerships between business and government.

Globally, many communities are being left behind in a world where

Cadence Innova

The Center on Business and Poverty helped form Cadence Innova, a London-based business management consulting firm. The company was created through the merger of two firms, one had the word Cadence in its title, and the other had used the term Innova — hence, Cadence Innova. The new, combined firm started with six employees and


Oxford Pharmaceuticals

The Center on Business and Poverty is a co-founder of Oxford Pharmaceuticals, a generics pharmaceuticals manufacturer based in Birmingham, Alabama. Oxford Pharmaceuticals has recently received FDA approval to start manufacturing a number of generic drugs. Three percent of the Oxford Pharmaceutical’s R&D is dedicated to curing orphan diseases. The capabilities of the firm include:

  • Packaging


What is Teamshares?

We are a venture capital backed financial tech firm that does things a little differently. We call what we do: “participatory capitalism”. It’s really very simple. We buy small businesses from retiring owners, typically baby boomers who are ready to retire and then fund the selling of the businesses to the



PowerHouse ( is India’s first solar powered, ready-to-move-in, eco-friendly, smart home. Built to last, it comes pre-fitted with electrical and plumbing systems that can be controlled remotely. It provides clean energy for your home and e-vehicle, free for life and costs only $ 17,000.

Depending on the model chosen, Powerhouse includes but is not limited


Mentor Pool In India

Mentor Pool is the mentoring platform of Venture Center, Pune.  The platform aims to facilitate productive and seamless mentor-mentee interactions. Please go to their website: On this site, you will be able to sign up as a mentor for a company using the join tab at the top of the site. All of the


University of Wisconsin Credit Union Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

UW Credit Union has been the long term coordinator of the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Center located on University Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin. While we started the predecessor sites, UW Credit Union has done an incredible job of building the program and strengthening its: financial literacy component, viability and visibility. The original program we at


Yarl IT Hub in Jaffna, Sri Lanka

Yarl IT Hub is a non-profit organization that has established an annual hackathon and a coding school in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Their hackathon was recently held for the eighth time. It has created more than 150 jobs through the 18 start ups run by alumni of Yarl Geek Challenge. And the coding school


Journey House Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

Journey House, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is currently seeking volunteer tax preparers to become IRS certified and provide free tax return preparation to eligible taxpayers. The primary tasks include attending IRS tax law training and certification, including the use of electronic filing software; and directly preparing each return based on information provided by the taxpayer.



Center on Business and Poverty

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Center on Business and Poverty (COBAP) is a non-profit organization that supports writing and community projects related to employers which participate in social enterprise or employee ownership.[1] While it was an initiative of The College of Letters & Science at the University of Wisconsin Madison, it is now a private


Personal Finance Employee Education Fund

The Center on Business and Poverty has run The Personal Finance Employee Education Fund (PFEEF) for several years and is currently in the process of bringing in new leadership both in the US and the UK.

Historically, PFEEF’s mission has been to provide support to organizations and their employees as they take charge of their financial



Elevita believes in the power of partnerships. They cultivate collaborations with artisans from developing countries who create beautiful, unique and high-quality products. Elevita then acts as the retail partner who provides additional markets for the artisans through a website, wholesale opportunities and events. They are committed to quality, superb craftsmanship, and sustainable design of products

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