Cell Phones Driving Progress and Change in Africa

Throughout the developed world, the rise of cell phones as a way to communicate and stay connected has been a potent force in economic and social change. New devices and more connectivity have changed not only the business landscape, but also the way we interact with our friends, families, and relations. While many assume this change has been limited to

Rebuilding West Africa After Ebola

A natural disaster like a deadly epidemic inflicts tremendous loss of life but does not damage roads, buildings, or the countries material infrastructure. What it does damage is the social infrastructure like government, the economy and businesses. The good news is that those institutions can be revived and even strengthened despite the loss of human

Incentives, Ownership and Productivity

Regardless of all operational, strategic and management factors, staff productivity can make or break a business. Recruitment and training are thus fundamental to any CEO’s efforts to ensure or improve worker output. Still, many firms struggle in these areas, and many others wonder what more can be done. Employee ownership is a complement to recruitment

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Access to Water is the First Step In Fighting Poverty Worldwide

In the past 25 years, over 2 billion people have gained access to improved sources of drinking water. Earlier this year, the World Health Organization announced the Millennium Development Goals for water had already been reached. The efforts of nonprofits, private businesses and governments are to be lauded for this great success.

Although, as a whole,


Smart Development for Africa: Building Entrepreneurship at MEST

As Africa awakes to its enormous promises and confronts the challenges that it must surmount, the recent World Economic Forum Africa Summit in 2013 reflected on how Africa’s entrepreneurs can be transformed into global champions.

The key points that emerged were that, though entrepreneurship is growing rapidly in Africa, there are significant difficulties and barriers that entrepreneurs must confront. Lack of access

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