Access Power shortlists five renewable energy projects

A competition run by Access Power called the ‘Access Co-Development Facility’ (ACF) has officially closed. Five entrepreneurs have made it as the runner ups for the innovative $7 million funding and support platform for renewable energy projects in Africa.

According to a company statement, the projects were selected from a pool of 82 qualifying projects from

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Solar ovens and sustained poverty for Africa

Solar technology in Africa, including my country of Uganda, would bring good news to millions of people who today must use firewood, charcoal and dung for cooking. Millions of Africans die from lung infections caused by breathing fumes from these fires, millions more from eating spoiled food, drinking contaminated water and having spoiled medicines, because

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The founder of KickStart International helps pave a path from poverty

The best way for millions of farmers in Africa to escape poverty is to move from rain-fed farming to irrigated farming. Irrigation transforms farming by allowing for annual production instead of sporadic production. Using the irrigation technology developed by KickStart International, a nonprofit social enterprise co-founded and led by Dr. Martin Fisher, farmers in Africa

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Poverty & Healthcare

Life expectancy in Mali is 53 years (2009), according to the World Health Organization (WHO). But this is an improvement from 20 years ago, when the average Malian could expect to live just 43 years.

Unlike other African countries, Mali at least has a low incidence of HIV/AIDS; 1% of the adult population is infected. However,

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UK commits to Kenya renewable energy drive

Bringing together 100 representatives from Kenyan and British firms, the UK-Kenya Renewable Energy Conference (REC 100) hosted by the British High Commission in conjunction with Barclays Bank of Kenya aimed to consolidate a pipeline of low carbon deals to accelerate affordable electrification in the country.

Speaking at the conference, the British High Commissioner to Kenya Nic

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Digital finance set to open opportunities in Africa

Earlier this year, the World Bank highlighted digital finance as having the capacity to contribute to reaching the goal of universal access to financial services by 2020. About 2-billion adults across the world do not have access to formal financial services. In sub-Saharan Africa, about 30% of the population has a bank account, a low figure

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Here are 5 of Africa’s most financially inclusive countries

Exploring five African countries and how they are financially inclusive. Financial inclusion is a vital part of reducing poverty worldwide.

Read more at  Here are 5 of Africa’s most financially inclusive countries – Ventures Africa

Check out the Brookings Financial and Digital Inclusion Project: Advancing Equitable Financial Ecosystems  


TSiBA Education – Building A Future For Many Through A Start-up University

In 2011 I rented out my house in Oxford for a year and went to work as a volunteer at an exciting,

not for profit, entrepreneurial business school in South Africa, the Tertiary School in Business

Administration, TSiBA Education,  which has an urban campus in Cape Town and a rural campus in

Karatara in the Western Cape.  Six


Kenya to close all refugee camps and displace 600,000 people

Kenya plans to close all of its refugee camps in a move that would displace more than 600,000 people. The country’s government said it was shutting down the camps due to “very heavy” economic, security and environmental issues. Those due to close include Dadaab, the largest refugee camp in the world, home to more than 300,000 people on the


Dramatic rise in child abductions signals terrorist group’s resurgence

A new report released earlier this month notes that the Lord’s Resistance Army, a rebel terrorist group from northern Uganda, has abducted 217 people in the past two months in the Central African Republic, 54 of whom are children. This is almost double the number of abductions performed by the group during the entirety of


Cell Phones Driving Progress and Change in Africa

Throughout the developed world, the rise of cell phones as a way to communicate and stay connected has been a potent force in economic and social change. New devices and more connectivity have changed not only the business landscape, but also the way we interact with our friends, families, and relations. While many assume this change has been limited to

Rebuilding West Africa After Ebola

A natural disaster like a deadly epidemic inflicts tremendous loss of life but does not damage roads, buildings, or the countries material infrastructure. What it does damage is the social infrastructure like government, the economy and businesses. The good news is that those institutions can be revived and even strengthened despite the loss of human

Incentives, Ownership and Productivity

Regardless of all operational, strategic and management factors, staff productivity can make or break a business. Recruitment and training are thus fundamental to any CEO’s efforts to ensure or improve worker output. Still, many firms struggle in these areas, and many others wonder what more can be done. Employee ownership is a complement to recruitment

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