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TrueFootprint, Ltd.: a case study in the use of SME innovation to combat the COVID-19 pandemic

Here is a case study that aims to explore the efforts of a small start-up company, whose unique solutions are being deployed in the fight against COVID-19, with encouraging results. Using innovative technology and local volunteer networks, they have set out to identify the medical needs of local care providers, while reducing the effects of

About TrueFootprint

TrueFootprint helps companies improve the return on their sustainability investments by empowering the people where they operate to take ownership of those positive outcomes. From cocoa to mining, cotton to banking, shipping to computing: across all industries companies are investing in the sustainability of their supply chains for the planet, for people


Empowering Self-Advocacy Through TrueFootprint and the Covid-19 Care Monitoring Coalition

In a country where the Ebola crisis hit most forcefully, it was found that one half the doctors who were being paid for by donors did not exist. The money that was being donated to pay for these doctors was being siphoned off through corrupt practices by bad leaders.  Here is the story of a

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