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Maternal mortality rates rising in US, stunting global maternal health progress

The overall global maternal mortality rate (MMR) may be dropping, but the decline is slowed in part by a surprising rise in rates in the developed world. In the United States, the rate of mothers dying from complications in pregnancy and birth is increasing. The rate seems inconsistent with modern medical and technological advances. Maternal

Birthing Centers in the Philippines: Saving One Mother at a Time

According to a 2015 World Health Organization report, a mother dies from pregnancy-related complications every 104 seconds. Each time a mother dies, her baby — and even some of her other children — often die as well.

Of the 830 daily global maternal estimated deaths in 2015, 550 or so happened in sub-Saharan Africa, 180 in

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Time Is Running Out – – for Marketplace Coverage

Open enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace ends January 31 for 2016 coverage. A growing number of people shop for their health insurance coverage during the last months of the year using the Health Insurance Marketplace or a state-based insurance exchange. Unfortunately, many of the people who are eligible for financial assistance through the Affordable

Aiding the Last Mile — A Good Bet on Health for Africa

“We as people are not defined by the crises that strike our lives; we are defined by how we respond to them.”

The message above is one thought that Raj Panjabi, CEO of Last Mile Health, finds universal. Last Mile Health has sought to bridge the gap between health facilities and remote communities by bringing critical

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Rebuilding West Africa After Ebola

A natural disaster like a deadly epidemic inflicts tremendous loss of life but does not damage roads, buildings, or the countries material infrastructure. What it does damage is the social infrastructure like government, the economy and businesses. The good news is that those institutions can be revived and even strengthened despite the loss of human

Who Cares About Malaria?

In 2010, malaria killed almost a million people worldwide and still infects about 350 million a year. These are large figures for a disease that is both curable and preventable.

Malaria is one of humanity’s biggest killers, ranking among the five most dreadful illnesses ever experienced, killing more than 150 million in the 20th century, and an

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Ebola, Math and Next Steps

Ebola has been in the news. But much of the news has not offered background information about the disease.

The world may be facing the worst Ebola outbreak ever recorded. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as of Oct. 15, there have been 8,376 cases and 4,024 people have died. These figures are

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