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Pfizer pledges to sell all its products at cost to poor countries

Amidst the barrage of headlines about global economic hardship and unequal access to resources,  you might have missed the good news of  a corporation that has pledged to sell all of its product at cost to poor countries.  What a difference that will make.

Pfizer says it will offer its full suite of patented drugs, including

Do some people have protection against the coronavirus?

We’re now more than seven months into the coronavirus pandemic that has upended the lives of most of Earth’s inhabitants. And while it is true that the scientific community has learned many things about the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the disease it causes, Covid-19, there are also many gaps in our understanding.

One big mystery: Why do

Parkinson’s: Autoimmune attack may start years before diagnosis

Parkinson’s disease is a chronic, progressive disorder. Its characteristics tend to include tremor, rigidity, slowness of movement, and impaired balance. Around 1 million people in the United States and 10 million people throughout the world have the disease.

Parkinson’s results from a loss of nerve cells in a part of the

Faulty blood clotting mechanism may explain COVID-19 severity

The conditions that raise the risk of COVID-19 severity are high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, respiratory conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and conditions affecting the kidneys.

Researchers are still investigating the precise reasons and mechanisms for why these conditions make COVID-19 outcomes so much worse.

The authors of a new review

Blood test can detect 50 different types of cancer

Researchers in the United States and United Kingdom developed the new test, and they now report their findings in the journal Annals of Oncology. There is an urgent need for better diagnostic tools for cancer. All too often, healthcare professionals can only make a diagnosis after symptoms have

Inside the Global Race to Fight COVID-19 Using the World’s Fastest Supercomputers

As the director of a global research organization, I feel obligated to use all the resources of cutting-edge science and technology at our disposal to fight this scourge. As a father, I want a lasting solution, one that serves not just in this crisis, but the next. And, as an American and a Spaniard,

How You Can Help Victims of the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus that started in Wuhan, China, late last year has spread to at least 154 countries and killed thousands. Some countries and regions have been hit harder than others. In many areas, daily life has come to a halt, local economies have unraveled, and medical facilities are coping with

Where is the world at with a coronavirus vaccine?

Vaccines take years to develop. But mere months after the novel coronavirus that causes Covid-19 was first spotted, a team at the University of Oxford is already recruiting for human clinical trials for its vaccine against the disease, while researchers at Imperial College London took just two weeks from receiving the sequenced genome of

COVID-19: 5 reasons to be cautiously hopeful

The death toll for COVID-19 is on the rise, and so is the total number of cases. In the context of this global pandemic, feeling overwhelmed by all the negative information is a natural response. But researchers are also hard at work trying to understand, treat, and prevent the new coronavirus. We take a look

The Tech That Could Be Our Best Hope for Fighting COVID-19—and Future Outbreaks

Battling a pandemic as serious as COVID-19 requires drastic responses, and political leaders and public-health officials have turned to some of the most radical strategies available. What began with a lockdown of one city in China quickly expanded to the quarantine of an entire province, and now entire countries including Italy. While social isolation and

There Is No Cure for COVID-19, No Matter What the Internet Says

  • Misinformation about COVID-19 is spreading online, including many fake cures or treatments for the disease.
  • At least seven companies have been warned by the Food and Drug Administration for fraudulent products to treat COVID-19.
  • The products cited in these warning letters include teas, essential oils, tinctures, and colloidal silver.

As anxiety over the potential

Coronavirus Vaccine : Australian Scientists Breakthrough

Australian scientists say they have developed a coronavirus vaccine. Queensland scientists have begun testing their vaccine on animals in the hope that trials will soon advance to humans.

A medical facility in Melbourne is now producing doses of the potential vaccine and if all goes well the Coronavirus vaccine could be soon used to combat the

Powerful antibiotic discovered using machine learning for first time

A powerful antibiotic that kills some of the most dangerous drug-resistant bacteria in the world has been discovered using artificial intelligence.

The drug works in a different way to existing antibacterials and is the first of its kind to be found by setting AI loose on vast digital libraries of pharmaceutical compounds.

Tests showed that the drug

Why hand washing really could slow down an epidemic

When it comes to preventing viral infections — especially those that spread via droplets from coughs and sneezes — washing the hands is always the first-line measure. Now, in the midst of the recent coronavirus outbreak, correctly washing the hands remains public health officials’ top advice when it comes to

Targeting cancer is about to get easier – thanks to DNA sequencing

The greatest knowledge of cancer genetics yet will help advance the field of precision cancer medicine – in which the genome of a patient’s tumour is sequenced, and drugs are designed to target its vulnerabilities.

Cancer is a genetic disease that occurs when mutations in DNA cause cells to divide and grow uncontrollably. Some

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