Green Technologies

Electric cars and the hydrogen economy

Whether the concern is polluted air, greenhouse emissions or dependency on a finite supply of resources, businesses and governments worldwide have begun the search for cleaner, more abundant fuels. In particular, lives are affected by pollution on a regular basis in Salt Lake. The city was ranked as the seventh most polluted in the U.S.

Electric Cars and the Hydrogen Economy

Whether the concern is rooted in polluted air, in greenhouse emissions or in a dependency on a finite supply of resources, businesses and governments worldwide have begun the search for cleaner, more abundant fuels. Words like zero-emission, once only seen in environmental reports, are now entering board room and political discourse as leaders respond to a growing demand for better management of our resources and their associated externalities.



Air Pollution and Electric Cars in Utah

If one were to identify the top problems in the areas 40 miles north and south of Salt Lake City, most people would name air pollution among the top five.  Six counties in Utah have been graded “F” in “State of Air 2013” according to the report issued by American Lung Association. Throughout many years, for quite a number of days

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