The 6th Annual Oxford Business and Poverty Conference, this one on housing, was held last week (July 27 – 28, 2022)  in  the Examination School at the University of Oxford, England. It brought together a diverse range of speakers addressing creative ways to meet the housing needs of low and moderate-income people, especially through mutuals and having residents and employees or employee-owners participate in various components of governance in housing organisations and companies.  It also focused on a philosophical look at housing as a basic requirement for all people, addressing human rights, international contexts, and the history of those who are dispossessed.

Some of the participants made these comments in their evaluations:

“Diverse yet interconnected, very enlightening, and an excellent forum for exchanging ideas.”

“Good atmosphere and setting.  Helpful topics raised and discussed.  Food, facilities, and organization was absolutely spot on!”

“I appreciated the diversity and breath of the presentations — from private sector, to non-UK experiences and academicians, to practical and timely solutions.”

“As always the conversations with attendees and presenters during the two days were very helpful, thought-provoking, and a real highlight.”

The 7th Annual Oxford Business and Poverty Conference next year will focus on poverty, business, climate change and other environmental issues.