The 2017 Global Opportunity report released earlier this week by DNV GL, Sustainia and the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). The report ranks 15 global sustainability opportunities for firms based upon responses from 5,500 leaders within business, government and civil society.

It claims that addressing issues found in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through cutting-edge solutions can create a plethora of market opportunities for businesses and accelerate sustainable development.

“The SDGs not only provide a clear path to a sustainable world which leaves nobody behind, they also outline new markets and opportunities for responsible business,” UNGC executive director Lise Kingo said.

“The Global Opportunity report demonstrates how companies around the world are developing and deploying innovative technologies and business models to address the needs of our planet and society to achieve the SDGs. It is time for all companies to figure out how their own operations, products and services can play a role in creating the world we want.”

Disruptive innovations such as ‘smart’ water technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and cyber security offer companies an opportunity to address global risks and drive business growth in the coming years.

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