An electric vehicle cruising down the highway, a solar panel installed on a neighbor’s rooftop, a wind turbine turning in the breeze: These are just a few of the powerful symbols that represent the blossoming renewable energy economy.

There’s little doubt that the world is on the cusp of a new era of energy generation and consumption. From the rise of renewable fuel sources to the increasing number of companies like AT&T that are investing in clean energy, renewables are swiftly becoming a booming industry.

As a result, we’re in the midst of an explosion of opportunity — both economic and environmental. In America, the seismic shift toward renewables is evident in both classrooms and boardrooms, particularly as major international corporations invest heavily in clean energy. Earlier in 2018, for instance, AT&T announced the expansion of its renewable energy program in collaboration with NextEra Energy Resources.

Not only does corporate investment in renewable energy help create a cleaner and more livable planet, it also helps create jobs and boost careers. Below, we explore how the renewable energy boom is being bolstered by companies like AT&T — and why it matters for future generations.

Renewables are a booming industry

The primary barrier to entry for adopting renewable energy has traditionally been cost. But recent data suggests that renewable energy is more cost-efficient than ever, and studies show that renewable energy will be consistently cheaper than fossil fuels as soon as 2020.

Matthew Linthicum, a wind turbine technician working near the site of a future AT&T-backed wind farm, has witnessed the renewable energy spike firsthand over the course of five years working as a wind tech.

“The cost to produce [wind] power is starting to get right on that level with natural gas,” he says. “And that’s made me feel really good about working in the wind industry.”

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