2019 has been a year of huge ups and downs for the environment. While sustainability came to the fore of social and political conversation, the heightened awareness came alongside stark warnings for the future of the planet.

Facebook’s trends report showed particularly in Europe and North America, issues surrounding sustainability are coming to the fore of people’s minds. In Germany and the US, the future of meat was under discussion as Facebook users demonstrated interest in alternatives to meat as well as plant-based and flexitarian diets. Meanwhile, in Sweden the focus was on reshaping the fashion industry to ditch the inherent waste and Brits were interested in getting their hands on pre-owned goods.

These are the sustainability stories that stayed with us


The year kicked off with a record 250,000 people ditching animal products for the biggest ever Veganuary. The charity behind the month-long pledge calls on people to say no to meat, fish, eggs and dairy for 31 days for health, environmental and animal welfare reasons.

The first month of the year has also become synonymous with a veritable deluge of new plant-based options bursting onto supermarket shelves as consumers look for ways to eat more healthily.

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