Texas Health Resources has released its sixth annual Community Responsibility and Sustainability Report, an overview of progress made in 2017 to improve organizational and fiscal sustainability.

The report looks at programs implemented that were said to enhance Texas Health’s workplace, minimize its impact on the environment, and help it provide safe care in North Texas.

Strategies executed by Texas Health last year include: investing $14 million in facility improvements; deploying 63 energy efficiency projects; providing 143,000 people with pastoral care; health education and services through the Faith Community Nursing Program; and breaking ground on a 325,000-square-foot acute care hospital in Frisco.

Coordinated care with Southwestern Health Resources during the past three years has generated $73 million in savings for Medicare beneficiaries, Texas Health also reported.

David Tesmer, senior vice president of community engagement and advocacy at Texas Health, says that by providing the yearly report, the nonprofit health system is enhancing efforts “to be good stewards of the resources with which we’re entrusted.”

In a statement, CEO Barclay Berdan added: “As an organization that is steadfastly focused on long-term sustainability and growth, and united in its mission to improve the health of the people in the communities we serve, Texas Health took steps in 2017 to remain the leading provider of health and well-being services in North Texas.”

Source: CEO Healthcare