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Against All Odds, It’s a Boom Economy for Sustainable Investing

In a troubled economy, a continuing bright spot continues to be growing interest in sustainable investing with a lens on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. Global financial services firm Morningstar’s latest Global Sustainable Fund Flows Report shows that sustainable funds rebounded strongly after the initial pandemic-induced market sell-off.

It’s a bleak economy, but sustainable investing

Why sustainable investing is key to post-pandemic recovery

A few days ago, Andrew Cuomo, the much lauded governor of New York – who recently captivated legions of fans due to his handling of daily coronavirus briefings – spoke of the need to have personal protective equipment (PPE) manufactured in the US and accessible on home soil.

He framed this as an urgent matter of

The New Normal in Sustainable Investing in the aftermath of COVID-19

In John Lennon’s last album in 1980 he released the song Beautiful Boy, which showcased his deep love for his son Sean. The song’s lyrics included the prophetic quote “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.”  As we struggle to bring into focus the long-term impacts of a post-COVID-19 world, Lennon’s

COVID-19: A Wake-Up Call for Advisors on Climate-Related Investing

While the story of COVID-19’s aftermath on our financial markets has yet to be written, one lesson around which traditional finance is starting to coalesce is that COVID-19 has highlighted the need for greater investment in climate solutions right now.

Like COVID-19, the costs of prevention are much cheaper than procrastination. What’s more, it’s quickly proving the

Four Lessons We Should Learn From The Pandemic

Neither military power nor wealth can stop the destructive global spread of COVID-19, a tiny member of the Coronavirus family. Its full human impact and economic cost will not be known for months to come. The virus is only now spreading amongst the most vulnerable populations, the millions who are cramped into refugee camps, and the hundreds of millions who live in city slums

Sustainable investing takes root with shift to greener ethos

As global warming and climate change accelerate, the need to ensure that human development is environmentally sustainable is an accepted imperative requiring fundamental change to the way we live — including how and what we consume, how we earn an income to fund our consumption and how we invest for the future.

The UN warned in

How coronavirus is turning the spotlight on sustainable investing

It is difficult to start any article without referring to the threat presented by the coronavirus sweeping across countries. The human impacts are clearly devastating for anyone affected, even if the overall impact is at present relatively small in the context of major pandemics through history.

The economic and financial impacts are also proving significant. Less

Swiss bank report queries better returns for ESG investments

ACCORDING to the latest study from Credit Suisse’s in-house think tank the jury is still out on whether ESG and sustainable investing really outstrips traditional investment offerings.

Published by the Credit Suisse Research Institute, in collaboration with London Business School and Cambridge University professors, the 2020 edition of the Credit Suisse Global Investment Returns Yearbook features

How Big a Deal Is BlackRock’s Sustainable-Investing Push?

For years, BlackRock (NYSE:BLK) CEO Larry Fink has used his annual letter to CEOs to tout the importance of social progress and challenge shortsighted businesses and governments that just focus on profitability. This year’s letter made waves because he’s finally putting his money where his mouth is by introducing some concrete steps in

$US30 trillion surge in sustainable investing driven by forces far beyond the boardroom

More than 30 trillion dollars has poured into global sustainable investments, up 64 per cent since 2014, according to a discussion paper by McKinsey and Company which seeks to describe how approaches to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns build business value.

According to the management consultancy, paying attention to ESG does not compromise returns. In

Visualizing the Global Rise of Sustainable Investing

No matter where you look, climate change is at the centre of every conversation.

With a wide range of global sustainability challenges and complex risks on the rise, investors are starting to re-evaluate traditional portfolio approaches.

The ESG Boom

Today, many investors want their money to align with a higher purpose beyond profit. This infographic from iShares unpacks the

Sustainability In Business Is More An Opportunity Than A Threat

Sustainable investing has moved to center stage in early 2020. In his latest letter to CEOs Blackrock CEO Larry Fink writes that sustainability, which involves integrating environmental and social concerns into business decisions, would be at the center of his firm’s investment approach. He also foresees an imminent

Emerging Markets Are the Next Hot Spot for Sustainable Investing

Well-meaning investors heeding the rising call to buy “sustainable” stocks might not think of emerging markets first. Images of developing-world industry still tilt toward raw materials and belching factories paying starvation wages—not companies that will rack up high environmental, social, and governance scores. “A lot of people interested in ESG have steered away from emerging

Sustainable finance starts with data

  • Where disclosure and data exist, there tends to be record levels of sustainable investing.
  • Financial products related to the Sustainable Development Goals can only be developed once fundamental data is available across companies.
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data should be treated as fundamental rather than alternative data.

Businesses today face

The Top Sustainability Stories of 2019

In my annual review of big themes in sustainability and business — in other words, how companies manage environmental and social issues and opportunities — I’ve always included a changing climate as a big story. But it’s now not an annual story; it’s permanent. The list of extreme, tragic, and very costly weather events this year — record heat in Europe, 

Sustainable Investing Strategies to Start 2020 Off Right

SUSTAINABLE INVESTING is one of those terms that looking up in the dictionary only leads to needing to look up even more terms in the dictionary. What should be a straightforward process is actually the fork in a trail that branches in a half dozen directions. Because there is no one way to invest

Sustainable Investing And Criminal Justice Reform

Investors have joined grassroots activists to mitigate the toll that mass incarceration takes on the US: human suffering and 6% of GDP. The direct cost of incarceration in the US is $80 billion, but when it includes the costs to the 2.3 million individuals jailed in the US and their families and communities, the

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