2019 saw the climate crisis hit the national agenda in an unprecedented way; environmental issues were brought to the forefront of the minds of the government, businesses and public alike. A key moment for me came in June when the UK Government became the first major economy to set a legally binding net-zero carbon emissions target of 2050.

The response was noted across multiple industries, yet, with limited time remaining, it is clear that we are still not moving fast enough. In 2020, meaningful, collaborative action must be taken to reflect the urgency and scale of change required.

The wave of net-zero carbon commitments

The first wave of net-zero carbon commitments we saw in 2019 will reach a crescendo in 2020, with some big announcements from both Microsoft and Sainsburys already this year. This is reinforced by a recent letter from the founders of the World Economic Forum which called on all businesses who were attending Davos this year to make public commitments to achieving net zero carbon goals by 2050 or earlier.

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