Summers Trucking employees gathered for breakfast Saturday morning at the Ephrata American Legion. After ham and eggs and all the fixings, the 91 employees learned that the Summers family owners, Becky, John and Ken, had transferred their shares in the business to an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP).

With that move, the Summers management triad made those 91 employees and their vacationing co-workers part owners of the business.

Before she got around to the big announcement, Becky talked briefly about the company history, and how they got to where they are today.
The company was born in 1946 at the Gerhart Avenue home of Lester R. and Dorothy Summers. Their modest home-based business was a part-time venture organized to haul sand and gravel for

Lester’s employer, the Kurtz Concrete block plant in Ephrata. Lester never worked full-time for his trucking business. He continued working for the block plant until his retirement after 50 years of service.

Lester and Dorothy’s grandchildren — the three officers — now manage the 73-year-old family enterprise, which has become a major presence in the business of hauling really big things made of concrete.

In 1957, Lester and Dorothy incorporated the business, and by the early Sixties, it had grown to the point where full-time management and office staff were needed. Harold and Lester, Jr. — who went by Sonny — stepped in and made the business their careers. Harold managed the trucking business, while Sonny managed Maryland Sand and Gravel, a quarry that Lester, Sr., and Dorothy had bought along the way.

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