President of The Rockefeller Foundation Rajiv J. Shah who recently visited Parsa and Derni villages outside Patna to review the impact of solar-powered mini-grids installed by the Foundation, said the non-profit organisation aimed to end energy poverty and help enhance productivity of the people by ensuring clean and low-cost electricity to households and businesses.

Why is this project important?

The whole Rockefeller team is very focussed on using science, technology, and innovations to help everyone lift themselves up. You can see how the technology used in the plant and the extraordinary innovation has made it possible to offer 24×7 reliable electricity at a reasonable price to people here. The impact has been quite significant. Girls get to walk on the streets and feel safe under street lighting. We heard this from two or three girls and safety was the first thing they mentioned. We heard at a school where children said that with more lighting, they are able to study more, read more.

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