Santanna Energy Services (Santanna) is pleased to announce that as of January 3, 2017, Santanna has become an employee stock ownership company. As a company with over 28 years of service in the deregulated energy industry, Santanna is excited to provide its employees with a stock ownership program. This stock ownership program comes after years of hard work and diligence from Santanna’s staff.

Santanna, based in Austin, TX, was founded in 1988, and was one of the pioneers in small industrial and commercial retail energy service in the state of Illinois. Santanna’s business strategy over nearly 3 decades, has been based upon methodical organic growth. Starting in 2002, Santanna began service to residential gas consumers in IL, and from 2010 to 2012, Santanna expanded its retail energy products into Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.  In late 2012, Santanna diversified its energy products to include retail power in addition to natural gas. Santanna currently serves more than 100,000 natural gas and electric customers in Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan, and will enter the Pennsylvania market in early 2017.

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