Ireland is on its way to meeting the 2020 goal of having 40pc of electricity coming from renewable sources.

According to new analysis from EirGrid, 32pc of electricity demand in Ireland during 2018 was met by renewable electricity sources; in Northern Ireland, the figure was even higher at 36pc. The figures in 2017 were 30pc and 31pc respectively.

These are the highest ever levels of renewable electricity generation on the Irish power system, EirGrid claimed.

It said that wind power makes up the vast majority of the renewable electricity resources on the island, followed by small amounts of hydropower and solar power.

“These figures are very reassuring in the context of the 2020 targets,” EirGrid CEO Mark Foley said.

“We are pushing the laws of physics in order to meet the challenge of integrating increasing amounts of renewable energy on to the electricity system, and it is encouraging to see the positive results of this work.”

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