Diversity-lens investing is one of the fast-growing categories of sustainable and impact investing. The goal of these strategies, which integrate gender and other diversity factors to identify and invest in companies with heterogeneous leadership teams, is to improve returns and promote more equality at companies — or both.

How fast are these strategies growing? In a 2017 report, Veris Wealth Partners calculated that total assets in gender lens strategies invested in public equities grew from $100 million in 2014 to more than $900 million in 2017. Research by Wharton Business School, also published last year, found growing interest in gender-focused private equity. According to Wharton’s Project Sage, 58 funds have raised and are deploying almost $1.3 billion in capital with a gender lens and are seeking to raise an additional $1.8 billion currently.

Women’s Financial Power

The growth coincides with, but isn’t solely due to, the growing financial power of women. As consumers and investors, women are changing the way society interacts with its money by consistently making more holistic decisions than men about how they spend, save and invest their money.