Journey House, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is currently seeking volunteer tax preparers to become IRS certified and provide free tax return preparation to eligible taxpayers. The primary tasks include attending IRS tax law training and certification, including the use of electronic filing software; and directly preparing each return based on information provided by the taxpayer.

VITA volunteers do more than just prepare people’s taxes. They play a critical role in ensuring that low-income workers access valuable tax credits without paying any fees. ​If you are interested in volunteering, you should be comfortable working on a computer, but no accounting or financial experience is required. The tax software guides you every step of the way and the IRS provides free training. Contact Journey House directly at (414) 647-0548 if you are interested in volunteering.

In the last eight years, Journey House volunteers have completed thousands of tax forms and brought back more than $5 million to households in Milwaukee through tax credits.

We helped establish the tax site associated with Journey house and have passed through some $80,000 in contributions to help establish its good works.