Companies like Publix Super Markets have stood out as one of the “Best Places to Work” for years thanks to having what many call the best-in-industry employee benefits. Included in these benefits are stock options and bonuses tied to profits, which are popularly believed to increase employee motivation and thus retention. On the contrary, however, employees observed in a recent study by University of East Anglia (UEA) in England have shown that profit-related pay and employee share-ownership return mixed or negative attitudes rather than motivating employees.

In the study, of the employee pay incentives measured, only performance-related pay produced consistently good attitudes. Which led me to wonder what employees are saying about Publix on Glassdoor; if they felt motivated by the benefits or if the study’s conclusion would hold true. What I found were mixed reviews.

The UEA study showed that employee-ownership through stock options provided a negative relationship with job satisfaction and had no effect on commitment or trust in management.

On Great Place to Work, the following was said about Publix’s stock options:

 Retirement: Publix’s employee stock ownership plan provides eligible full- and part-time associates with retirement savings at no cost to them. Most importantly, the distribution is calculated at the same percentage of wages regardless of the associate’s position.

Stock Purchase Plan: In addition to the employee stock ownership plan, Publix provides all eligible associates with an opportunity to purchase additional shares of our privately held stock.

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