Too often good news goes unnoticed and not reported.  Such is the case with a new report released in July 2023 by India’s biggest public policy think tank.  The numbers are mind-blowing. 135 million people were lifted out of multi-dimensional poverty between 2015-16 and 2019-2021, easily putting India, the world’s most populous nation and fastest growing major economy, on course to achieve its SDG targets. Highlights of the report include:



India is home to one-sixth of humanity and to more young minds than any other country.  At the core of India’s development agenda is the elimination of poverty in all its forms, ensuring that no individual is left behind. India’s National MPI Report underlines the Government’s commitment to understanding, measuring, and addressing the many dimensions of poverty and leveraging this understanding as a key tool in policymaking focused on alleviating poverty.

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Photo credit: AkshayaPatra Foundation from Pixabay