Moving the financial knowledge needle in a positive direction can be a difference maker as you work to build your financial wellness foundation, but real change requires more than just knowing what to do with your money. You have to be ready to take action to improve your overall financial well-being and have the confidence and ability to follow through on that action plan. You also need to have a simple set of important life goals and regular check-ins to track your progress.

How I’m performing our family’s mid-year financial checkup

I will admit that this summer has already been a crazy journey with multiple work trips, baseball tournaments, summer camps and a family vacation. However, there is one thing on our annual calendar that I do have a firm grasp of and that’s our mid-year financial checkup. Yeah, I know it’s not the most glamorous and exciting event to put on the calendar, but it’s essential to make sure our financial plan is on track to meet our life goals! So in the middle of your busy summer schedule, it’s important that you take the time to review your financial plan and assess your progress. Here are some fairly simple things that you can include on your checklist to enhance your own financial health:

Review your tax withholding

If you’ve had any changes in your income or expenses so far this year, you may need to adjust your income tax withholding. The same is true if you found that tax time was surprising, either with a bigger than normal refund or worse, if you ended up owing for the first time. You can adjust for that so next April, you won’t be scrambling. For a calculator you can use to figure out your recommended tax withholding, visit

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