Greg Harmeyer, founding partner and CEO of TiER1 Performance Solutions, has also created a culture that maximizes the talent and potential of his employees. TiER1 Performance Solutions helps other companies improve performance, so it’s important that they have a healthy company culture where employees are informed, involved, and engaged.

Greg explains this mindset is part of why the company went through the process of becoming an ESOP, an employee stock ownership plan. (An ESOP is a retirement program that allows participating individuals to acquire ownership interest in their employer’s company.)

This structure was a fit for the organization for many reasons, explains Greg. “The ESOP was a win across the board for us. It gave existing ownership a graceful, intentional diversification strategy, it gave the company a long-term defined, stable future, and it has perfectly complemented our culture where employees felt a sense of ownership already,” he explains.

Source: How To Empower Employees To Improve Company Performance