I first met SaLisa Berrien in 2016 at an engineering conference, where her winning attitude and tenacity were infectious. I’ve encountered thousands of high-growth clean energy startups. Listened to a gazillion pitches. Something was different about what Berrien was offering. It wasn’t the latest university commercialization or a spin-off from a national lab. It wasn’t the result of a 24-hour hackathon. It wasn’t, as so many products and services in the cleantech startup space are, a solution looking for a problem.

An electricity industry-veteran, Berrien has spent the past 25-plus years driving engineering and business development for leading companies. The impressive list includes PPL, PECO Energy, Con Edison Solutions, EnerNOC, Enbala, and Wipro EcoEnergy. What Berrien observed — from utilities to big data analytics firms — was that the No. 1 rule in business was being ignored by the electricity sector: it’s all about the customer.

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