It’s no secret that Millennials and Gen-Z are different than their previous generational counterparts. As the ability to connect and learn more about a company has improved in the last few years, their desire to see programs, services, and investments that make a difference in the environment and the world are becoming an increasingly larger part of the CX conversation.

Sure, when we talk about CX we are typically referring to the actions that directly impact the customer and improve loyalty, but recently this conversation has started to include how companies are raising awareness for issues and taking responsibility for their footprint in the world — and it’s making a difference.

A recent report from Aflac said that 77% of consumers are more willing to purchase from a company with a CSR pledge — 73% of investors agreed. Business leaders know it too. According to one study, 9 in 10 business leaders said consumers would hold them accountable for the environmental impact they make through their business — an even greater ratio than shareholders, employees, or government regulators.

Apple, Dell, Amazon, Google, and other large tech companies have made pledges in the last year to reduce their carbon footprint and improve other sustainability initiatives. Other consumer product companies have made similar pledges. Even if it’s on a smaller scale, the research shows that these goals make a difference in CX and brand loyalty.

The Actions

In the last few years, several large companies have recently announced climate pledges, environmental goals, social responsibility initiatives and other CSR plans with the hope of attracting customers and creating a positive reputation around their brand. Here are just a few that caught my eye.

Amazon: Last month, Amazon launched a $2 billion Climate Pledge Fund aimed at investing in companies that build products, services, and technology to “decarbonize” the earth. This fund will help Amazon and other companies meet The Climate Pledge — an initiative to be net zero carbon by 2040 — ten years earlier than the Paris Agreement taken by other countries. Other companies that are part of the pledge include Verizon and Infosys.

Apple: Just this week, Apple committed to being 100% carbon neutral in their entire business including supply chain and product life cycle by 2030. Other promises include building a recycling robot to better dismantle Apple tech to recover rare earth materials that can be reused in other devices. Dave, the new robot, will join Daisy the other line of disassembling robots that Apple already uses. Apple is a cult favorite and with these initiatives they are likely to stay that way.

Clorox: If you’re like me, you’ve got Clorox wipes all over your house right not to clean every surface. You wouldn’t usually think of Clorox as an environmentally friendly company, but they’ve committed to making 90% of their product packaging recyclable. That one simple act could have a hugely positive impact on keeping plastic packaging out of landfills around the world.

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