With the recent change of leadership in Washington, DC, people have been asking me whether I am still as bullish on impact investing as I have been over the past few years. Simply put, my answer is yes—perhaps even more so today. Although it is still early days for impact investing, its momentum is strong and gaining. As part of this momentum, a few trends have emerged that hold the potential to broaden and deepen the movement, and they are grounding the work we at the Case Foundation are doing alongside a growing alliance of partners in the space.

Trend 1: Women and millennials are a driving force.

In the coming decades, women and millennials, many of whom are motivated by a world view that profit and purpose are inextricably linked, are poised to inherit large sums of money and gain control over family wealth. Research suggests that up to $30-$40 trillion in wealth transfer will take place over the next 30-40 years.

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