It’s no surprise that there is a direct correlation between a country’s economy and its poverty rate. Higher economic growth in a country correlates to lower poverty rates. This is because higher economic growth creates enough jobs to help citizens stay above the poverty line. Research done on a variety of developing countries shows that an increase of economic growth of just 10 percent in a country correlates to a 20-30 percent reduction in poverty in that country. This is the goal of the Adventure Project.

The Adventure Project

One way to encourage a country to expand its economy is by fostering the growth of local businesses. The Adventure Project is a non-profit organization that focuses on just that: taking the business approach when it comes to helping communities rise from poverty. By teaching local community members the skills needed to successfully run their own businesses, the Adventure Project is uplifting the economies of the places where it is working, thus helping people escape poverty.

When asked an interview how the Adventure Project operates, CEO and co-founder of the organization Becky Straw said that the company focusses job training for the community. They provide training for “everything from training people to be well mechanics or healthcare workers or helping farmers gain access to irrigation.” The organization works with the community to understand its needs. Listed below are the jobs that the organization provides training for in local communities.

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