The year 2018 wasn’t an easy one for the planet. Throughout the year we worried about how soon we may have to say good-bye to the Mediterranean region, what mysterious blight is killing European trees and whether a freshly calved Manhattan-sized iceberg would flood Manhattan. But there was also good news. We learned that our coastlines are recovering from the Superstorm Sandy, retired oil rigs are attracting fish, and livestock can help mitigate climate change. No doubt 2019 will bring more questions, more dilemmas, and likely more crises, but we hope that science will get us through. Here are our 10 favorite stories of 2018, as always, backed by scholarship and research to which our readers have free access.

Can Cows Help Mitigate Climate Change? Yes, They Can!

Livestock emit greenhouse gases. They also can sequester carbon and boost biodiversity.

Do We Really Need Robot Farmers?

As weather heats up and climate change progresses, fieldwork will grow more hazardous.
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