Detroit took an important step towards entering the 21st century by releasing its Sustainability Action Agenda to address the city’s numerous sustainability issues. The 55-page report, produced by the city’s Office of Sustainability, outlines ways to improve the health, environment, and resiliency of Detroit and its residents.

“Sustainability” means a number of different things to people. It has obvious environmental implications, but it can also relate to economic sustainability, like not making enough money to afford housing. For Detroiters, the latter is often a more pressing need, and the agenda reflects those priorities.

The Sustainability Action Agenda is divided into four buckets:

  1. Healthy, thriving people
  2. Affordable, quality homes
  3. Clean, connected neighborhoods
  4. Equitable, green city

Within each are various action items. Under bucket one, for example, there’s “expand local air quality monitoring system,” with a plan of launching two new monitoring efforts, on top of the three already installed in Southwest Detroit. Each item has a timeline of implementation, almost all of which are less than five years.

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