Tired of listening about climate change and the apparent inability of top-level politicians to face a daunting challenge? Luckily, there are many ways for citizens to compensate for the negative impact on the environment themselves, without relying on decision-makers. The social enterprise Reforest‘Action offers an easy solution, suitable to the busiest of us, allowing us to redeem the damage done to the environment.

The idea is based on “croudplanting”. A simple footprint calculator on their website allows to measure the rough contribution in CO2 emissions by the individual annually and the estimated number of trees that need to be planted in order to match the quantity. Accordingly, users of the service can buy the preferred number of plants for as little as 3 euro per tree and the team will have them planted in one of the selected locations. Later on, the portal gives news about the life of the tree on a weekly basis. What is more, one can offer planting a tree to someone else and hence – give the greatest give of all – cleaner air!

Currently, citizens’ forests are being planted in France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Haiti, Senegal, Peru, USA, Madagascar and Indonesia. The number of trees planted is close to 2.9 million and growing.

This and other initiatives by Reforest’Action are conducted locally thanks to a cooperation between private partners and public bodies, such as municipalities and regional councils. Thus, planted on the ground, trees are followed over time by foresters and agricultural engineers. The company also raises awareness of the preservation of forest biodiversity, primarily through species observation missions organized alongside plantation operations.

Source: TheMayor (Press Release)