As solar comes to represent a larger proportion of the global energy mix, direct comparisons with conventional energy sources, and even with other renewables, are becoming more and more important. This is reflected in a bid by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s (UNECE) Expert Group to standardize reporting on solar energy potential. Long Seng To, Royal Academy of Engineering research fellow at Loughborough University, and part of the UNECE solar energy subgroup, discusses the draft standards.

pv magazine: What are key points of the draft solar specifications to which you contributed?

Long Seng To: The Solar Specifications show how solar energy resources and projects can be classified. It does so by giving guidance on how to apply the UN Framework Classification of Resources (UNFC) to solar energy, and is based on broader Renewable Energy Specifications. The UNFC is a universally acceptable and internationally applicable scheme that provides a tool for sustainable development of energy and mineral resource endowments.

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