Adelaide consumers are taking part in a University of Adelaide research study to help realise the potential for edible insects as a food industry.

Researchers will put consumer attitudes to the test at Adelaide Central Market this Thursday 8 June and Friday 9 June with an offering of roasted crickets and ants, mealworm cookies and cricket energy bars.

“We want to further investigate consumers’ attitudes towards edible insects, evaluate taste preferences and consumers’ willingness to buy such products,” says Postdoctoral Fellow Dr Anna Crump, who’s working on the project with project leader Associate Professor Kerry Wilkinson and other researchers from the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine and the School of Humanities at the University of Adelaide.

“We will also be asking consumers questions relating to food neophobia – reluctance to eat novel or new foods. We’ll be interested to see if a consumer’s ethnicity influences their acceptance of edible insects.”

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