Many of the appliances, devices, and gadgets in our home drain energy when they are in use. For example, the fridge cycles on and off, and laptops only use power when charging the battery. The router you use to connect to the internet and read this article is an energy vampire you can tame. But router manufacturers are not helping consumers make the best choices because they do not share enough information.

Most internet routers are plugged in and sucking juice all the time. Almost everyone leaves the router plugged in continuously because it is great to be able to jump on the internet whenever we want without switching the router on and off.

Missing Data

Although there is a tremendous opportunity to reduce national household electrical use with energy-efficient routers, few products on the market tout these qualities or other sustainability features. This makes it challenging to make greener product choices, even though some standards do exist.

Either products aren’t clearly labeled, or few energy-efficient and sustainable models are actually being produced. This guide to sustainable routers will be updated periodically, hopefully adding more energy-efficient models made with a green manufacturing process in the near future.

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