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How to Mobilize a Global Testing Effort: Pay for Success

If our objective is to stop the Covid-19 pandemic and restart the world’s economies, we urgently need entrepreneurial innovation to deliver vast quantities of effective tests as soon as humanly possible. Containment, which has helped our developed economies to slow the spread of the virus, is hugely costly and, in any case, will not be

The Pandemic Makes the Case for Impact Investing

When the lockdowns were initiated in response to the coronavirus crisis, I assumed that it meant I would get significant time back in my otherwise overscheduled travel and meeting diary. Like a lot of my peers, I thought that for a few weeks the break from the usual demands of our physical world would mean

Most U.S. Investors Haven’t Heard of Sustainable Investing

Despite the hype behind sustainable investing, three out of four U.S. investors aren’t familiar with it, according to a recent Wells Fargo /Gallup Investor and Retirement Optimism Index survey. According to the survey, 37% of investors have heard nothing about sustainable investing, while 38% have heard only a little. Sustainable investing has made few inroads into retirement plans. Among

BlackRock unveils impact fund with Covid-19 focus

BlackRock has launched an impact fund designed to seek alpha through companies focusing on combating the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the fund giant, which came under the spotlight last year over its engagement with climate issues, the high conviction equity strategy gives investors access to businesses that are “helping to address major world challenges”, and that are

Does Impact Investing Always Come At A Price?

In theory, impact investments are investments made into organizations, companies, or funds to contribute to measurable positive social or environmental change while also yielding a return. Still, many impact-curious family office investors question whether achieving a measurable positive impact goes hand-in-hand with returns or if they'll have to sacrifice these earnings for the greater good. The answer

Four Lessons We Should Learn From The Pandemic

Neither military power nor wealth can stop the destructive global spread of COVID-19, a tiny member of the Coronavirus family. Its full human impact and economic cost will not be known for months to come. The virus is only now spreading amongst the most vulnerable populations, the millions who are cramped into refugee camps, and the hundreds of millions who live in city slums

‘Social washing’ a growing headache for ESG investors

ESG investors face a new threat in the age of coronavirus: "social washing." Much like the greenwashing that exaggerates or misrepresents the environmental credentials of a project or a company, social washing can occur when the impact of an investment on labor rights or human rights are falsely overstated, said Arthur Krebbers, head of sustainable

How Social Entrepreneurs Can Increase Their Investment Impact

Both impact investingSocial Entrepreneurs and traditional philanthropy are on the rise after the decade-long economic boom following the Great Recession. But when does an impact investment make a bigger difference than a grant? The question is far more complicated than simply evaluating whether an impact investment can be profitable while doing good, suggests new research from

How the core principles of investing for impact can help us through uncertain times

The Covid-19 pandemic presents unrivalled challenges. Healthcare systems urgently need to boost their capacity to treat patients, and societies need to strengthen efforts to safeguard the most vulnerable communities. Economic systems should find ways to protect workers, and avoid the collapse of financial markets. And almost overnight, huge swaths of the population have found themselves

Gender Lens as a Winning Strategy in Impact Investing

Within the impact investing community, the value of gender diversity as an investment evaluation screen is rarely questioned because we know a secret that mainstream private equity and venture capital investors have failed to identify. What’s that? We’ve discovered that investing in women-led companies is not only exceptionally impactful, but it is also an excellent

Impact Investments Rise Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Investors who care about creating a positive impact for society have been stepping up to finance companies directly involved in addressing the coronavirus pandemic and to make sure others doing important work have the cash to keep going, according to ImpactAssets in Bethesda, Md. By the end of the second quarter of 2020, investments made

Sustainable investing takes root with shift to greener ethos

As global warming and climate change accelerate, the need to ensure that human development is environmentally sustainable is an accepted imperative requiring fundamental change to the way we live — including how and what we consume, how we earn an income to fund our consumption and how we invest for the future. The UN warned

Meet Investors Halfway With Better ESG Reporting

With the UN pushing to cut greenhouse emissions by 7.6 percent every year between now and 2030, the time to act on climate is now. As sustainability and impact investing become mainstream, companies are facing more pressure from all sides -- investors, employees, consumers and media -- to up their game. Investors are taking a stand on

6 Companies Cashing In On The $30 Trillion Impact Investing Trend

Impact Investing. That's what they're calling it, and it's a movement that has grown by over 600% in the past decade. In fact, there are over $30 trillion in assets under management in portfolios with a focus on sustainable investments…and the revolution is showing no sign of slowing anytime soon. To say that it is just a trend would be

Guide to impact investing for beginners

Impact investing is a way of investing that not only brings financial returns but also has a positive impact on society. Most fund managers and organisations orientate themselves on aligning their impact goals and investment themes to those of the United Nations’ 17 Social Development Goals (UN SDGs). These are: No poverty; Zero hunger; Good

How coronavirus is turning the spotlight on sustainable investing

It is difficult to start any article without referring to the threat presented by the coronavirus sweeping across countries. The human impacts are clearly devastating for anyone affected, even if the overall impact is at present relatively small in the context of major pandemics through history. The economic and financial impacts are also proving significant.

Maximising Outcomes in Impact Investing

There is an emerging consensus that relying on the invisible hand of markets to create societal value is not good enough. Evolving societal norms and regulatory pressures have rendered deliberate consideration of societal impact a necessity for business. Investors’ own genuine desire to not just do well but also do good is leading them to

As coronavirus infects markets, sustainable funds prove their mettle

For years, sustainable investing was viewed with suspicion. Could portfolios that avoided oil and gas companies, tobacco, and other profitable but controversial industries have high enough returns to satisfy investors? Would they survive during times of market upheaval? The COVID-19-fueled financial crisis is proving the naysayers wrong. Sustainable funds — dubbed Environmental, Social, and Governance

How To Invest And Have Impact Through Funds

Once regarded as a disruptive investment concept, impact investing has evolved into a diverse and intricate investment ecosystem. With this maturation has come the realization that impact investments can yield risk-adjusted, market-rate returns comparable to non-impact ones while also having a positive social or environmental impact. As such, interest in impact investing has grown, and not just