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Medical ‘makers’ reinvent healthcare

Hospital hackerspace lets health professionals reinvent medicine. Source: Medical 'makers' reinvent healthcare | MNN - Mother Nature Network Read more about other hackerspaces at Do more by getting involved with MakerNurse, an organization dedicated to spreading the use of maker labs in healthcare, then deploying the solutions discovered in these workshops. Act Now by either hosting a


Brain Implant Could Let Paralyzed Patients Control Prosthetics With Their Thoughts

The device will first be used to help people with paralysis move bionic limbs, but the non-invasive device could hypothetically lead to the ability to control computers through thought. The article from the source: New Neurological Implant Could Let Humans Control Everything from Prosthetics to Computers Act Now  Watch a TED talk about the new bionics


Just what the doctor ordered: connectivity in medical devices

In a few years, patients with chronic breathing problems will puff on an Internet-connected inhaler that instantly sends data about how often the device is used to the medicine provider and doctors who monitor care. Source: Just what the doctor ordered: connectivity in medical devices - LA Times Read about how medical devices are becoming


International Medical Equipment Manufacturers Hold Expo in Kampala

Companies dealing in manufacturing and sale of medical equipment from Egypt, Kenya, India, Middle East, Rwanda and Uganda held a medical technological machinery expo in Kampala last week. Source: Uganda: International Medical Equipment Manufacturers Hold Expo in Kampala - Read here about the growth, trends and forecast of the global wearable medical device market


5 amazing healthcare innovations coming out of Singapore

ADHD-treating headsets, fiber optic beds for infants and more. Source: 5 amazing healthcare innovations coming out of Singapore Read more about Healint's remote monitoring system for chronic pain or Opsicon's sleep mat by clicking either of the links above. Do more by considering the effect that globalization has had on innovation and technology. 50 years ago, how would inventions from Singapore


Philips to launch pneumonia Dx wearable to prevent child deaths in poorer countries

Almost one million childhood deaths are attributed to pneumonia annually, leading UNICEF to issue a call in 2011 for product innovation to create a respiratory monitor. Now, Royal Philips is almost ready to launch its Children's Automated Respiration Monitor that is designed to address those needs. Source: Philips to launch pneumonia Dx wearable to prevent


Time Is Running Out – – for Marketplace Coverage

Open enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace ends January 31 for 2016 coverage. A growing number of people shop for their health insurance coverage during the last months of the year using the Health Insurance Marketplace or a state-based insurance exchange. Unfortunately, many of the people who are eligible for financial assistance through the Affordable


Taking the Hospital to the Patient

When you think of a hospital, what images come to mind? For most, the image of a hospital includes a spacious building with rooms full of complex equipment, beds and medical personnel. While common in the developed world, these familiar sights are largely unseen in the developing world, especially outside of large cities. Unfortunately, this lack of medical infrastructure is


Fighting Increasing Healthcare Costs with Reverse Innovation

When you think of the word innovation, what comes to mind? For those in the US and other developed nations, innovation is usually thought of in the context of expensive technology. In the past two decades, high-tech gadgets have changed the way the world views transportation, healthcare, entertainment, and communication. These innovations usually debut at an incredibly high price, touting new


Serving the Underserved

Mission of Mercy (M.O.M.) Mobile Medical Clinic recently opened its sixth clinic in the heart of south Phoenix — a community where children and families struggle to access even the most basic health care services. This innovative clinic represents a new opportunity for M.O.M. and Phoenix Rotary 100 to deepen their combined impact by serving families out of the Rotary 100


Solar Ear Helps Those with Hearing Losses at Minimal Cost

Globally, approximately 325 million people suffer from some degree of hearing loss. Experts estimate that helping these people comes to a lifetime cost of around $300,000 per person. The cost to society includes more than just dollar cost: it includes the potential isolating impact on entire lives. This isolation can limit professional and educational opportunities