BSA, a national integrated design firm, has been named a Certified ESOP by Certified EO, a certification program for employee-owned companies.

Founded in 1975, BSA has always been owned by employee shareholders, but it opened ownership to all employees earlier this year when it launched its first-ever Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

“Becoming an ESOP was a logical step for BSA since the firm has always believed in the power of employee ownership,” said BSA President Melissa Davis. “By empowering all employees as owners, we believe we can even more deeply engage their hearts and minds in the work we do for our clients.”

Davis added, “Then, as owners, those employees can more fully participate in the successes they create.”

BSA far exceeded the Certified EO’s minimum standards for certification, which require that a firm must be at least 30 percent employee-owned, must provide ownership access to all employees and cannot have highly concentrated ownership. Firms applying for certification must have these standards and other information assessed and confirmed by Certified EO.

BSA, a national, integrated design firm, creates inspired solutions that improve lives. BSA provides architecture, engineering, interior design, and planning services for spaces that support and enhance healing, learning, and discovery – facilities known as LifeStructures. Learn more at

About Certified EO
Certified Employee-Owned (Certified EO) is a marketing and certification program for employee-owned companies. Employee ownership is valued by employees, consumers, and business leaders alike. Certified EO helps employee-owned companies capture the potential of EO to increase sales and recruit top talent while spreading awareness of this vital concept. Certified EO helps consumers, businesses, and employees know when they’re dealing with EO companies.

Source: BSA LifeStructures