Jason Ingle cofounded and is General Partner for Closed Loop Capital, an early-stage venture capital platform investing in exceptional entrepreneurs leading ventures in agriculture technology and food system innovation,  within the United States and Canada. Jason helped launch and grow Aslan Capital Management, a Credit Opportunities fund based in New York City. Jason also cofounded Greener Partners, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization with a mission of connecting communities to healthy food, vibrant farms, and hands-on education experiences. The organization has grown from a ½ acre garden engaging 200 children with a group of volunteers in 2009 to multiple regional sites including an urban-based farm, hospital-based farm, school-based farm and two mobile truck school gardens engaging in total over 18,000 children annually. Jason is also a cofounder member of The ImPact, a membership network of family enterprises (family offices, foundations, and businesses) that are committed to making investments with measurable social impact.

Jason is a recognized industry leader and frequent presenter on topics including impact investing, food system innovation, strategic philanthropy, and effective board governance. Jason has been invited to the White House twice to highlight his efforts to improve the food system, including by Michelle Obama for his work as cofounder of Greener Partners, and by President Obama to recognize Closed Loop Capital’s leadership as an investor in women-led and minority-led entrepreneurial businesses. Jason serves on his family’s Investment Committee and as the Chair of their family council.

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