TrueFootprint helps companies improve the return on their sustainability investments by empowering the people where they operate to take ownership of those positive outcomes. From cocoa to mining, cotton to banking, shipping to computing: across all industries companies are investing in the sustainability of their supply chains for the planet, for people and for communities. Many companies struggle to demonstrate the impact of their sustainability investments. This starts with credible data. You have spent the money, but did the community project reach its goals? Did the road to the market get built, and are people better off as a result? Too often there are no answers. We work with the beneficiaries of your sustainability projects: the residents of the rural mining villages where you are constructing roads; the cocoa farmers whose children go to the new schools you’re paying for. Our technology empowers them to collect data and to take ownership of solutions to improve their lives. The people at the base of your supply chain deliver the data you need because it works for them. It’s good for them and it’s good for you.

Industries: International Trade and Development
Company size: 1-10 employees
Headquarters: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Type: Privately Held
Founded: 2018
Specialties: Commodity sourcing, Cobalt, Cocoa, Coffee, Tea, Tropical fruit, Tin, Gold, Humanitarian work, Safeguarding, Labour conditions, Due diligence, and Sustainability measurement