Beginning in June, Senegal’s Agency for Universal Health launched (SunuCMU), a website that the agency hopes will streamline health care in the country. The website is a part of the Minister of State Mohammad Abdallah Dionne’s plan for digitalization. He aims to make Senegal’s health care system effective and sustainable. Using SunuCMU, Senegal hopes to achieve 75 percent coverage within 24 months, thus greatly improving health care in Senegal.

Medical Coverage in Senegal

The new Agency for Universal Health Coverage in Senegal (SunuCMU) website has features that will hopefully solve some of the major issues that have plagued health care in Senegal up to this point. The availability of health care in Senegal has been a long-term problem. Senegal’s health care system operates with a three-tiered structure. Though there are also University and private care providers, they are exceptionally rare. The three tiers include:

  • Heath Posts: Heath posts are the lowest level and most available form of health care in Senegal.
  • Health Centers: As the middle tier, health centers are more scarce than health posts, but they have more medical technology available.
  • Regional Hospitals: Regional hospitals are few and far in between; however, they have the most medical technology and the best ability to handle all sorts of patients.

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