Fairtrade in 60 seconds

Fairtrade is a movement based on the principle that farmers and workers in poorer countries deserve fair prices for their produce and labour. It champions decent working conditions in the developing world, and long-term sustainability both for communities and the environment.

The largest group in the movement is Fairtrade International, which owns the green and blue symbol familiar to ethically-conscious shoppers in countries across the globe. Companies who partner with the organisation can use the Fairtrade Mark on their products to signal to customers that they are paying their suppliers fair and sustainable prices for ingredients such as coffee, vanilla, sugar and cocoa, and are meeting Fairtrade’s environmental standards, says the Friends of the Earth website.

On top of guaranteeing fair prices for produce and labour, the foundation also pays out extra money to farmers and workers to invest in improving their communities under the Fairtrade Premium scheme.

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