Harnessing energy from the sun as opposed to harmful — and limited — fossil fuels, solar power produces no detrimental emissions to the environment. In addition to environmental friendliness, solar energy is renewable, abundant, sustainable, low-maintenance, and ever-improving. For as long as the sun is alive, solar energy will be obtainable and therefore should be used.

With major companies such as Google and Amazon using it, solar energy is earning its place in the sun. The Business Council for Sustainable Energy reports that renewable energy (solar power, wind power, etc.) has increased in the U.S. energy mix significantly, growing from 9 percent to 18 percent over the past 10 years.

Because big businesses are taking advantage of solar energy, many of their suppliers have gone down the same path. Apple reported last month that because of its 100 percent commitment to renewable energy, nearly two dozen suppliers of batteries, keyboards, and lenses have made the same commitment.
But solar power doesn’t have to be limited to businesses, and it shouldn’t be.

A bipartisan bill introduced by Rep. Jacky Rosen, D-Nev., would repeal the harmful solar-panel tariffs put in place by the Trump administration last year. Passing this bill would be a huge success for environmentalists everywhere, and it would also make solar power more accessible to the public.

Using solar energy in residences and at universities is an easy way for Americans to assist in saving the environment. According to Union of Concerned Scientists, “Twenty-nine percent of global-warming emissions come from our electricity sector,” many of the emissions released by fossil fuels.

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