Impact investment – investments that generate both financial returns and social or environmental good – were long a niche market for well-capitalized financiers. Today, they are a growing component of portfolios on Main Street, with even establishment organizations such as the World Economic Forum, G8 and Aspen Institute all exploring ways to get involved.

So, what’s the hype about? Why are investors like me getting involved? Personally, I believe in supporting ventures that create paths toward a healthier planet. We can play an active role is shaping our future. Many, like Elon Musk, are changing the trajectory of the human story and making a fortune doing it– and we can, too. I’m convinced that it has never been as critically important to understand and take responsibility for the implications of our actions as global citizens.

But impact investing isn’t limited to creating a healthier planet. Impact investing can eradicate poverty, wipe out hunger and attain food security, expand access to quality healthcare and education, achieve gender equality, and ensure justice and promote peace – just to name a few goals. And it can be done anywhere, by anyone.

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